Events 2020

(Date will be added)
Holy mass at the chapel of the Kellerjoch 
organized by the 
1. Schwazer Schützenkompanie

Ceremony starts: 11:30am

With a nice and leasure get toghether at the Kellerjoch Hut.

(Date will be added)

Holy mass at the Chapel of the Kellerjoch
organized by the Alpenverein Schwaz

Ceremony starts at 11:00 am

following the ceremony we relax at the Kellerjochhütte

Winter event

We are already loking forward to celebrate the


"Year End 2020 Get Together Day"

Claudia & Christian


the get together days around the Year End

we will open the hut from Dec.28th - Dec. 31st.

operating hours from 11:00 am until 4:00 pm 

- no overnights possible -

the winterroom is also closed during these days


our year end party - information not only for newcomers


The hut was build as a summer shelter - more than 100 years ago. We rent this hut from the Schwazer Alpenverein and keep the hut open in summer from 15th of June to 15th of October (mandatory times). But where there is a rule there is an ...


It became a tradition to hike up (with skis, snowshoes, good alpine shoes) to the Kellerjoch on and around the year end days. So past and present proprietors of the hut had opened the hut during day time hours. Trust me, it is lots of fun, but also lots of work. The hut is not insulated and has no water in winter - the toilette gets re- constructed every year to provide a minimum of comfort. The spectacular location on this exposed and windy 2237 m provides us with great views, but also lets the hut freeze even on the inside. 


Well for days prior and post the event days we heat, we clean, we carry loads of food up  for our guests, then we party, we have a good time and alway want to make sure that everybody gets home safe. This is why the hut strickly closes at 4:00 pm. Thanks for your visit, thanks for partying with us and thanks for your understanding.