Trails to the Kellerjoch Hut 2237m

-- great views, great food, wonderful rewards

From Hecherhaus to the Kellerjoch Hut

app. 50 minutes to hut and cake

fairly easy hike, starts gentle, ends a bit more challenging - 350 height metres


Via Autobahn or state route to Vomp/Pill - go in direction  Pill/ Pillberg- pass the Gasthof Sumperer, pass Hotel Frieden, turn right onto the parking area of the Kellerjoch chairlift or, if no space, go back to the public parking lot at Hochpillberg  (1330m, you need to pay a parking ticket € 2,50) - hike back 10 minutes to the base of the 3rd section of the chairlift. It will take you to the Hecherhaus (if the lift is not running, please still go there, as most times the lift operates on demand). From the top station it is about 350 height metres via Naunz Stand to the Kellerjochhütte (there you’ll get rewarded with beer, dumplings, lemonade, cake and a present for the kids!)

If you come from the eastern part of Austria you may take the Autobahn exit Schwaz - then go west in direction to Pill, when at the round about at the sports centre, take the 2nd exit (turn south) and go up towards Pillberg - Hotel Frieden or parking lot Hochpillberg.(the area is also known as "Grafenast")

Bus connection with the City Bus Schwaz to Kellerjoch chairlift

Lift operation Kellerjoch: probably June and October on weekends


(22.06. - 23.06. & 29.06. - 30.06., 05.10. - 06.10., & 12.10. - 13.10) 


from July 06 to September 29 Tuesday - Sunday 


operating hours: 8.45 - 12.30pm & 1:30 - 4.30pm 


Lunch break 12.30 - 1.30 pm


closed on Mondays!

From Gamssteinhaus/ Loassattel to the "Kellner" (local's name for Kellerjoch Hut)

app. 1,5 - 2 hours to the hut and a beer.

beautiful, relatively easy 650 height metres which you can do in 3 increments , suitable also for kids over the age of 6 .


You drive up to Grafenast, then follow the (good) gravel road to Loas Sattel, you pass Gasthaus Loas (known for their huge Schnitzel) 300 metres past the hut you pass the Group Pension Gamstein (not open at present)  to the parking lot, from there turn left to face up to the peak of the Kuhmesser (neighbor peak of the Kellerjoch)

a.) you pass the first path sign and follow the trail until it turns left into the trees, here you read the sings very precisely and follow the traiil leading flat though the woods (facing north)- leaving the trees you hike through the  "Everglades" with  spectacular views all the way  to Innsbruck. You follow the trail upwards to the Naunz Stand. From there to the hut it will take you approx. another  20 minutes- there you receive Knödel, Sauerkraut, Pasta,  Beer and also great wines! 

From Gamstein via Kuhmesser to the Kellerjoch Hut

app. 1,5 to 2 hours to Knödel and a chair with a view

650 rather steep height metres, 30 minutes on the side of the ridge to the Kellerjoch Hut great views


You drive up to Grafenast, then follow the (good) gravel road to Loas Sattel, you pass Gasthof Loas and Gasthof Gamsstein, park the car at the parking lot. Turn left (facing east) und hike up passing the first trail marker, keep on going upwards, till the trail leads to the left into the woods - next trailmarker you have to turn right again - first through the woods, then rather steeply up on high meadows and through Alpenrosen flowers. Once you nealy reach the top, the trails veres to the left and leads you below the peak of the Kuhmesser to the Kellerjochhut. You always hike on the side of the ridge in appr. 20-30 minutes to the Kellerjochhütte.

If you choose to hike up to the peak of the Kuhmesser you approch the cross from the south and leave to the north - trail merges with the ridge trail to the Kellerjochhütte (this little side cut adds appr. 20 minutes to your hike)

From Gamssteinhaus via Gartalm in the Zillertal to the "Kellner"

app. 2 to 2,5 hours to coffee and cake

Simple and rewarding, you hike around the southern and eastern part of the Kellerjoch massive .


You drive up to Grafenast, then follow the (good) gravel road to Loas Sattel, you pass Gasthof Loas and Gasthof Gamsstein, park the car at the parking lot. Turn left (facing east) und hike up to the first trail marker, turn right following the trail to Gartalm - you hike the southern part of the Kellerjoch massive, at the Gartalm you can always stop for a refreshment. Facing the Gartalm the trail starts on the right behind the fence of the Alm. The trail leads you in appr.  50 minutes to the Kellerjochhut - and great views  including the highest mountains of Germany...

From Grafenast/Hochpillberg - via Hoferweg to Naunzalm - to Kellerjochhütte

app. 2 to 2,5 hours to Speckbrot, cheesebread and a good glas of wine

this in a real nice hike - app 900 height metres -
great on not so sunny days!


You drive up to Grafenast, then park your car at the public parking lot (you need to buy a parking ticket), at the northern end of the parking lot you will see the Hoferweg leading south and up to the Alm called Naunz. Once you hit the open space you see vast meadow and some Alm’s scatterd on it. Follow either the driving path to the lower alm to the higher alm or look for the trail markers (red dots on rocks) to lead you the shorter but steeper short cut trail up to the higher alm. You can see the Kellerjochhütte looking down on you promising you great views, great food and great company.

From Grafenast/Hochpillberg -  without the chairlift via the Hecherhaus - to the Kellerjochhütte

app. 3 - 3,5 hours to beer, cake, rewards….

This is a good option on very sunny days, app.  900 height metres.


You drive either from Schwaz or from Pill to Grafenast- Hochpillberg, park your car at the parking lot (you need change for the machine) then hike north following the asphalt road passing Hotel Hubertus, Hotel Frieden and Hotel Grafenast, where you turn right towards the chairlift. Should you decide you want to take it easy, take the lift, otherwise pass the lift station and follow the "alte Kellerjochweg" until you reach the "Hecherhaus". The trail to the Kellerjochhütte starts behind the house. A little bit hidden is the yellow sign right beside the T-bar lift wheel. Follow the trail up to the hut - from now it is app. 45 minutes to cake, coffee, chair, views to the Großglockner (highes mountain of Austria) and the Zugspitz (highes peak of Germany) - all at one turn of your head! 

circular trail from the Spieljoch to the Kellerjoch (AV 312)

2,5 hours to the hut, Gulaschsuppe and a cold beer- total round 4-5 hours

You want to hike the whole day? - spectacular views, if you are quiet you may see some marmots?


You take the Spieljochbahn  from Fügen to the Spieljoch from there to the Geols Alm and then to the Gart Alm (1830 m). The trail leads through treeless areas, so pay attention to the markers on the rocks to the Kellerjoch-Hütte. From the Gartalm to the Kellerjochhütte it will take you app. 60 minutes, then you get the reward of having a 360° view of the mountains and the valleys below. In the hut some great food is awaiting you!
Leaving the hut you may take the Luis Lechner Steig (AVtrail 312) leading you to the north of the Kellerjoch - this route is only for experienced hikers and those you are not afraid of heights! So if fear overcomes you, take the easy route back, like always: the trail looks different from above than from below! 

Spieljochlift operation: from Fügen in the Zillertal

starting mid of May throughout mid of October (with very nice weather till end of October)

Spieljoch - Geolsalm - Gartalm - Kellerjochhütte - Gamsstein/Loassattel - Hochfügen

2,5 hours to our "Schweinsbraten"

Great tour for the whole day with a well-deserved rest at the Kellerjoch Hütte.


You take the route like above to the Kellerjochhütte - there you enjoy great company, maybe some music (feel free to take the guitar and play it):

From the hut you take the trail in direction to Hecherhaus, but leave this trail at the first intersection of trails where you follow the markes to the Gamsstein House. There you pass the house and hike towards the south - a gravel road leads you via Maschentalalm to the Lamarkalm to Hochfügen. Here you can catch the bus back to Fügen.

A more day hike through the Tuxer Alps

Schwaz -  Gasthof Pirchnerast - Proxn Alm -  Kellerjoch

app. 3  hours to the hut and "Graukas" (literally grey cheese) and a nice wine

Charming trail - great meadows surrounded by beautiful peaks in the Proxenalm - turn around and see the Karwendel and below the villages of Schwaz und Vomp


You take the bus to Pertrach or the car to the parking lot right before the  Gasthof Pircher Ast (say hello to the Wirtin Inge from us). You pass the Gasthof and follow the trail first through the woods to the Proxenalm, where you leave the trees below and enter the higher alpine region. You may take a rest at the alm, then you follow either the trail we take with our car to bring goods up the mountains, or you take the shortcut trails up to the base of our supply (no people) lift. From here on it is another 350 heightmeters to our hut. I love this hike - especially when it is very hot, since the trail always leads on the north face  of the Kellerjoch .

 --- with the Citybus from Schwaz to Pertrach ---

set out point for your hiking experience to the Kellerjoch Hut ---

From Grafenast via Adlerweg to the  Kellerjochhütte

very interesting and rewarding views - I like it

daily hiking times of 4-6 hours

pleassure hikes in the Tuxer Alps


follow the Eagle Trail = Adlerweg


great trails through the Tuxer Alps - just follow the above link to the Adlerweg and take the routes Nr. 75 -76 -78 - 79